Planning A Wedding

At you begin to move deeper into your worcester wedding venues search, one thing that will definitely pop in your mind is choosing wines for your wedding and why it is important to choose the right one.

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In our minds, wine is a beverage served during special or romantic occasions. Celebrating your wedding most certainly checks both boxes at once! Serving wine can definitely depend on some aspects, however it sure signals a fun celebration. Pairing a good wine with the reception food and the ambience of the reception party itself can be quite challenging, so here are some elements that you should consider when choosing a wine for your wedding:

1. Your Guests

The guests come first because, well, they are the ones who will drink the wine. Regardless of the bride and groom being wine connoisseurs and knowing a lot about wines, most likely the majority of the guest list will not know much about them. In other words, if only very few people will know the difference between an exquisite and expensive wine and a good and cheaper wine, why spend the extra money in something that will not be appreciated by inexperienced wine drinkers?

In fact, people who are not knowledgeable about wines tend to prefer sweeter wines over aged wines. If you are serving wines thinking about your guests having fun during your reception, keep this one in mind when choosing what to serve, especially because enjoying alcoholic beverages is likely one of the highlights of most parties.

2. Your Budget

It is simple as that: wine is not cheap. Serving them in style, with waiters pouring wine in proper wine glasses, is a cost that adds up faster than you can imagine. Not to mention the amount of bottles you will need. You also need to think whether you will serve a single glass for everyone or if you will provide refills.

Again, since wine offers such a wide variety of qualities and prices, check your local alcoholic beverage stores and suppliers in your area for a good cost-benefit ratio. It is almost guaranteed you will be able to find a cheaper version offering almost the same flavour experience than that super expensive bottle you might already have in your mind.

3. Your Menu

The food you choose and the wine you pair it with should complement each other, just like the couple getting married. Your caterer will certainly be able to suggest menu changes for the food you will serve, depending on your personal preference, the types of people in your guest list, and even the time of the day in which the reception will take place. Citing an extreme example, you may want to pass your favorite red wine if you are serving seafood.

4. Time of Your Wedding

It may sound silly to remind you of this, but just for completion sake, here we go. A morning wedding reception should probably skip on wine. An afternoon reception might serve some wine. And an evening reception will require ample amounts of wine, as well as spare plenty of bottles.