“What you see here is a bottle of the most imaginative wine on the planet. Imaginaerum is inspired by otherworldly splendours, moments of wonderment and the joyous sound of laughter with a hint of campfire poetry, music of the spheres, and the long, smooth, star-filled finish of Lucid Dreams. This is a wine best enjoyed with the ones you hold dear.”

Tuomas Holopainen, Nightwish

Availability update


Imaginaerum wine is now available in Finland, Germany, UK, Spain & Switzerland. See buy Imaginaerum for full details.

Imaginaerum finally available internationally


We’re happy to announce, that Imaginaerum wine can now be bought in several countries. There are three internet based wine shops through which you can buy Imaginaerum at least in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and UK. See “Buy Imaginaerum” page for complete details.

Opportunity to win Emppu’s beautiful guitar


We just launched a fantastic Facebook competition where you can win unique custom-made guitar used by our guitarist Emppu Vuorinen during the Imaginaerum tour. The guitar is ESP Horizon EV and has a beautiful The Crow, The Owl and The Dove logo painted on it, just as in the label of our wine! The guitar naturally comes with the autographs.

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First bottling of Imaginaerum to take place this week!


We’re super proud to announce that the first bottling of Imaginaerum takes place this week.

Question for Tuomas Holopainen; What is the idea behind Imaginaerum wine?


Imaginaerum is the stuff of dreams and carefully chosen ingredients, as is a fine red wine. It is my personal passion for wine and this perfect marriage of music and a lovely earthly delight that made us want to come up with a wine of our own.  Whether it`s a romantic moment by a campfire, an occasion to celebrate Life itself, or some serious Byronesque drinking, The Imaginaerum Wine is what you need!